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  1. Maybe we should be "Absurdian Dissorder for Eternity". Has a familiar ring to it and describes us pretty well right now... Yes, I'm kind of joking
  2. Marauders of the Obsidian Coast The Nameless Whatever of Some Obscure Place The Black Beards of the Eternal Fire (Which Is Dead Now But Stop Being So Nitpicking Dammit To The Kraken With You) Cap'n Fluffle, save us! Pick a name! I'll go with anything by now!
  3. Most likely. Description of the add-on would be funny otherwise: "Some freak club membership with random thematic name and a forum badge or whatever: 8 bucks"
  4. We should be "Pirates of the Obsidian Order" and then use the acronym in badges and stuff. Or maybe not...
  5. Well, well, I first thought that I had the Obsidian site blocked at work, but apparently it's not the case So happy to see all of you again, and a warm welcome to all new OO members
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