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  1. This sounds great, especially if I can pick up resources along the way rather than take boring time to search them out. I especially liked running across ore bodies in NWN2 along the way that yielded materials, rather than trying to find a bunch of mats.
  2. I would pledge more if they included rules for their world as a tabletop rpg as an optional addon or something. I love to DM, and I love new settings for it.
  3. Haha, no prison camps, that's some serious bad politics, as in politics that condone that are seriously bad. No, the Obsidian Order has no need of prison camps. We need pledging camps.
  4. I will begin praying immediately*bows head in silent prayer* Yes, my test dummy brother, the order shall grow if we put our faith, and pledge money, in Obsidian.
  5. Haha, this really exploded. Let us pray, "Oh Obsidian, which be in California, developed be your game. Thy IP come, thy code be done, on our pcs as it is in conception. We thank thee this day for our Unity, and we ask thee that thou forgive our eagerness."
  6. This was a pretty fun idea. Glad to be a supporter with such a great group. -Morgan Obsidian Order's Politico Priest
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