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  1. Minigames that can be avoided - like Pazaak in KotOR or almost all small games in GTA - are a diesease....thank God I don't have to play them, but wasting effort on creating and programming them makes me angry....but if most of the players want them, fine, I'll yield to the masses. But minigames - like Dice Poker in The Witcher 2 - which you HAVE to play as part of the storyline, are a pest! Kill it with fire!
  2. Only where they "belong"...tombs, crypts and on graveyards during nighttime.
  3. I find it interesting that you guessed what I was refering to. Actually, I was talking more about DA:O than the abysmal DA2, but basically you are right:It depends on the plot. But then again: If some of your companions turn rogue and you are forced to kill him in the course of a conflict event....but chose to kill him silently some time earlier because you have the free choice to do so, then you could corrupt much of the game's story.
  4. Why would you want to kill them whenever you like? You wouldn't kill your friends just out of fun or "to see what happens" - only if they betrayed you in an unforgiveable way...or fight back when YOU betrayed THEM in an unforgiveable way. So, my vote for: "only in plot-driving conflicts/events".
  5. I'm also for balanced quests, some involving combat, some involving exploration and some involving social interaction and your companions.
  6. generic.hybridity makes a good point. I already liked this part in ME2 - haven't fully upgraded your ship or sent the wrong NPC to do a job? Bad luck, half of your crew dies. Being able to save them all gives you a real nice warm feeling. I'd love to see this in another game. But please: No plot-stopper, no matter how stupid you may act. So, my choice is: "hard".
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