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  1. So PayPal will be active even after the 12 days have expired Kickstarter campaign?
  2. Hey but I don't understand a thing: the PayPal campaign will end along with that of Kickstarter or continue after the end of this?
  3. Yes, but the real problem is that if the amount of text in Project Eternity is great, as in Planescape: Torment, for me it will be a little tedious to translate everything, because I understand English well, but not perfectly. However, if the game was in English only there was no problem, but now that this will be translated into French, German, Spanish, Polish and Russian, you can understand my disappointment. :D
  4. Maybe it will be the first game that will be translated into almost any language other than Italian, and I've also spent $ 280, what a disappointment.
  5. I love to play on consoles than on the PC, but I think there are games that are played exclusively on a particular platform and eteniry Project Eternity is one of those. In addition, the console port to require major financial resources.
  6. I have seen, thank you. But exactly where they are exposed those questions from users?
  7. Oct. 02, 2012 on Project Eternity. Where they have written? No Italian? I'm really disappointed.
  8. I think that now the game will not be translated into Russian, Polish and Italian. At 14 days after the end 2.4 million is a very high goal, also has not yet been chosen necessary capital to the new languages, I have lost hope.
  9. That, unfortunately, is a problem of the French, who often tend to change the words (for example "computer" in "ordinateur"). I do not know the other parts, but fortunately here in Italy are often kept their original names. :D
  10. But the Italian is also spoken in Switzerland, North Africa and in parts of South America, not to mention some small areas of Australia. I believe that a game of a certain value should be translated according to the standard EFIGS in Europe with possibly Russian. I hope that if they add other languages​​, Italian and Russian are the first choices.
  11. Well, the Italian market in Europe is the fourth best market for video games after England, Germany and France (official data). On the forum I know many people who play RPGs on the PC, while all the previous Obsidian games have been translated into Italian amateur. So probably the Italian market is not the best, ok, but if this game will be translated into Spanish, there is no reason why it should not be translated in our language.
  12. What? I do not think so. 90% of my friends loves the Obsidian RPG. :D
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