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  1. I really love the idea of making your own difficulty lvl! I'm really looking toward the one-save game, because when you make an important to the story decision with "there is no going back with a quick load" in mind, all those decisions are even harder to make. But deleting you game save after death is way to hardcore to me. Hope you could play with the "single save" on and "one life" off.
  2. Different kinds of XP is just making things complicated. And I think Obsidian don't want to make the game only to the hardcore geeks. They want everybody to enjoy it. Also, obsessive gathering players would, following my previous example, sneaking past by bandit camp to gain xp for peaceful resolution and then go back to kill them all and gain more xp.
  3. Figuring out how to get by without beating everybody sensless is fun in it's own way, but every gamer always goes for the most profitable way. Do I sneak around the bandit camp without being notice and gain exp for that, or do I KILL EVERYBODY and also gain mother load of loot? I think there are two ways to balance this out. By following the peaceful way, the player earns more exp, or (and I think this one is much more fun) neutral NPCs and companions comments on your actions, and often, praise the player for choosing it. SImply, the world repfects your actions.
  4. Keep those updates coming! I hope the final version of the game will be as good as it looks on paper!
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