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  1. Dear Lord, those hips. IMO, some kind of mechanic to let you choose how your armor looks. Appearance tab sort of thing; look at your favorite MMO. Or maybe as an option; you can choose to have all the women in boobplate or in realistic plate?
  2. I'd probably lean towards the level of control that NWN2 gave you. Note that character skill and player skill are, in most RPGs, very tightly intertwined. Unless you actually build your character to Pick That Lock or Shoot That Bow, the results aren't going to be worthwhile- The ultimate end result, the picked lock or the bow shot, ultimately comes back to a decision made by the player. A big part of the traditional RPG is building your character towards these end results, and pushing the "player development" part of the game tends to take away from the "character development" part of the game. With this in mind, I'm wondering whether the question would be better worded with macrocentric(character creation/customisation, balanced/focused parties) or microcentric(physically dodging blows and connecting attacks).
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