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  1. I'm not a backer, but wouldn't Faith and Conviction now grants an additional +2 Deflection, +5 Fortitude, +5 Reflex and +5 Will to defenses. or Faith and Conviction now grants +5 Deflection, +10 Fortitude, +10 Reflex and +10 to defenses. be better? This makes it sound like the talent gives Faith and Conviction, especially if you skipped the flavor text.
  2. What makes you think that one precludes the other? I don't, but you would probably need some ridiculous looking armor which they've said they aren't going to do (Maybe as a joke but otherwise not.), which some people find the boob armor to be (Which probably isn't as ridiculous as what the ridiculous looking armor would be.), which if I was asked I do find a bit ridiculous, but I don't really care if it's in or not either way.
  3. I personally find it silly that they choose to distinguish the characters' gender rather than their role in combat, which seems more useful to me honestly.
  4. I'd rather have it be cosmetic than having attributes like PS:T.
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