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  1. You could pretend the normal sized characters are actually overweight, but wearing spanks.
  2. I would assume that at least the non-RT version Windows 8 will have some emulator applications released that map multi-touch controls to keyboard and mouse. Something similar to Xpadder, which emulates mouse and keyboard controls on gamepads.
  3. I think this is an excellent point. To me is seems like a lot of this games mechanics are being based solely on how to prevent people from doing this or that. We dont like "rest scumming": put in a system that forces you to rest in only certain locations, We dont like "ability / spell casting scumming": put in cooldowns, We dont like players "level scumming": put in quest based experience, We dont like players "topping off before battles scumming", see "rest scumming" and "ability scumming". So much energy is being funneled into forcing the players to play only one way. Im not even particulalr
  4. The game is being designed specifically for PC mouse/keyboard setup. Please no console version.
  5. My vote would be to hire the narrator from Bastion, Logan Cunningham. Of course, David would be great as well.
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