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  1. I posted this idea for lockpicking on the non-combat skills thread, but think it bears repeating here--I'd like to see a lockpicking mechanic that incorporates risk and the feedback your character would get from the lock. Even if it's only a "you fail this time, would you like to get more aggressive but risk breaking the lock" type dialogue or option when picking, I think this would lend a lot more weightiness to the decision to pick or not to pick. With this kind of mechanic, you're not necessarily screwed if you sneak past a brigade of guards, a wizard, and his pet dragon only to find a ches
  2. I agree with the first sentence, but for me it's a big no on everything else. Locks of varying difficulty, sure, but players shouldn't be punished for trying something difficult early on. For me, getting locked out of a chest is a reload situation. I want to explore everything everywhere; the game should never close off avenues of exploration for anything other than narrative purposes. For example, if I choose to kill the bandit chief and burn down his hut then sure, the trapdoor leading to his treasure room is buried under rubble and I can't get to it. That's fine, that was my choice. But if
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