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  1. I prefer if an area has also a different purpose than looting and killing stuff for XP. Otherwise I'm feeling like playing a social game; many repetitive actions for sake of prolonging the "experience". BG1 is a pain to play, too many empty (= no NPCs, no story progress) areas.
  2. I don't really interpret "realistic" as a gore fest/ orgy street/ game of thrones, those horrible things only act as an example. My take on "realistic" is, quoting myself, "There are wonderful things out there, but there are no sugar-coating the ugly truths either. Just like IRL." Thanks for your response, I see your point. In that case I suppose we have similar expectations; I just wanted to express an opinion what I expect from a realistic portrayal of society. That it shouldn't include simply explicit scenes but also a context. I mentioned these themes because the poll use
  3. I prefer realistically portrayed characters and their behavior. Not everyone is happy, brute, cartoonish jealous or nice (but some are, of course). If nasty things happen, okay, but be sure to do it right. This poll is kind of deterrent example of when mature or realistic is interpreted as gore, shocking, and teh nakid chicks. It's exactly where Witcher fell flat. Its characters, especially female, felt like empty shells filled just for purposes of story. I hope that Obsidian will strike for first instead of The Sun-like themes. It's simpler to smack an occurence of sexual abuse into the g
  4. I voted for All except for 4th option (1st and 3rd preferably) but I actually don't mind if romances are absent. Good story and believable characters are top priorities for me.
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