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  1. Seeing this sort of attention to coherence and world-building in a mature, realistic way despite the fantasy setting ? That's the sort of thing that made me want to invest in this game.
  2. I think descriptions are good to have, if the game goes the same "dialog box" way as Planescape: Torment, the Baldur's Gate games and Icewind Dale. Including it alongside dialogue also allows the same system to be used, later, for interaction with things that don't talk to you. Like, say, walls. It would also be useful when investigating a scene, for instance. Regarding skills and their relevance, that really depends on the system that the game will be using, and so I think it's a little premature to elect a preference, as it will all be rather academic. A lot of players, including myself, will always pick the skills that give them the most options to talk with people, and I think that's a sound enough system.
  3. I've never played in a single tabletop game (D&D, Pathfinder, and others) where the weight of gold was taken into account for inventory limits. The simple reason is that it is tedious, and requires more maths than most people are comfortable with handling during their spare time. That said, one of the things I most enjoy in RPGs (and this says a lot about me), is inventory micromanagement...So, hopefully PE will maintain at least part of that, even if there's nothing wrong with making the system streamlined. I still enjoy being able to quantify my acquisitions of items and loot by shifting them about my bags.
  4. A chance to return to basics, gameplay as a support for a rich, engrossing narrative that eschews the needless lens flare and cinematic saturated RPGs that have all but taken over the market in recent years. Thank you, Obsidian, and don't let us down !
  5. I'm not sure where the naked hostility towards romances stems...But romances and romantic content, or love stories, is an important tool for storytelling, and can add considerable affect to a story that increases the player's engagement with it. When done right. When done wrong, it's bad, tacky, and pointless, yes. But having experienced this kind of content from the people developping Project Eternity, I think it's pretty likely that's not going to happen.
  6. Halflings are like dwarves without beards. What's the point ?!
  7. I think that races for player characters should be limited, and perhaps a little more "vanilla" than the races open for companions and NPCs. Part of the reason for that is it opens up more opportunities for character customization. Besides, with 3/4 races, and one of them almost by necessity human, the choices for the remaining playable species is relatively limited. On the other hand, I hope Obsidian goes crazy with variety for companions. PS:T proved it could be done. My money's on them doing it again. Literally. Also, go dwarves.
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