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  1. It's probably possible to make level scaling a beneift if used on a limited in some encounters if needed, but then again, where do you draw the line? Better get rid of it completely than risk screwing the whole game. Have plenty of level scaling misuse in all modern games already. So, no thanks.
  2. Choice of the music direction really depends on what the game setting will turn out to be. We're kinda in the blue here for the moment. Must note that I really like the music piece that Justin did for the Kickstarter pitch video. That's some great stuff. That said, personally I would be intrigued in a collaboration: most of the music done in-house and an external composer writing several themes. That would be easier budgetwise probably and might add a certain flavor to the score. Also a big name would attract attention/pledges. Downsides are also obvious: collaboration is always tricky and
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