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  1. I don't think the devs have talked too much about how the character creation will be yet, but one thing I loved from both arcanum and fallout were the different strengths/flaws/perks that could make your character feel much more unique. Often times though, they are usually made to make the character stronger in some way, with only a small penalty at something at most (since most people don't want to gimp their character voluntarily). While I would like that too of course, I would also be happy to see some more serious flaws. I actually googled a little about this and found this page: http
  2. Well, other games like Bioshock 2 and dishonored aimed for something similar - although neither case was really well executed - but I liked the idea of your own actions influencing other NPCs. Maybe instead of being a mentor to a child, our actions in the world might be able to influence our companions? Kinda like when y ou harden leliana or alistar in DA:O, but through your actions in quests, rather than just what you say to them specifically.
  3. I would prefer it like it was in planescape tormen - your stats like intelligence determines what you dialogue will be like, your chance of persuasion, and in addition, you have the chance to use information you have found elsewhere to complete some quests.
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