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  1. I don't think the problem is in the game system. The reason people always end up with these same stupid nonsense builds is because they are effective given the games stupid combat AI. Imagine this party is facing an opponent controlled by human, like me, I would just walk past the tank and go for the mages and rogues (who have low defence because they dumped their con and res). I wouldn't care wether the disengagement attacks hit me because the tanks' attacks are so weak they are pose no threat at all. what the devs can do here is to improve the AI, so that the enemies reacts in a
  2. Well this just means Hiravias is a rather poor druid because his yellow circle is next to non-exist with 11 INT
  3. Hi folks, so how exactly do you time/aim your spells so that they hit the intended targets without damaging party members? The tanks can pin down enemies so they make easy targets but then the spell will hit the tanks as well. If I do not charge my tanks in then the enemies will be moving which makes it very difficult to aim the spell, the spell may very well be wasted. Even if the spell does hit, in most case there's only enough time to get one AOE spell out before the enemies reach the party.
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