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  1. Inflammatory title? Check Making up random information with absolutely no basis? Check Asking why we don't know everything about a game that was just announced and funded 24 hours ago? Check. We got ourselves a bad topic here folks.
  2. I've read from a few devs that they weren't sure if this would get funded. Isn't it sad that one of the few good devs gets mistreated by publishers (for example the New Vegas metacritic royalties BS), doesn't realize people are frothing at the mouth for their games? A game created by devs for RPG lovers without a publisher? Man, I can't wait.
  3. I agree. We certainly can't allow Obsidian to do anything that would defile our precious eurocentric fantasy genre. Women should be demure and the only people that can wear heavy armor are players who choose to be nobles. Otherwise you have to play a farming sim the entire game before bandits murder you. I'd really rather that not be the standard we hold female characters to. Moonlight Butterfly: See, you get it. Those are beautiful women wearing practical armor. No reason we can't have our cake and eat it too. (Again, I must point out I'm not against titillation or even bikini armor per se. I just want it kept in its place) I didn't say that they should be like Wheel of Time characters, just pointing out that there are tons of examples of women in fantasy genres who are powerful.
  4. Yes, lets make this an issue of you having DIFFERENT opinions. It has nothing to do with the fact that you have objectively bad and sexist opinions, its because we disagreed with you.
  5. Please tell me how it effects you if there is a choice to be male or female. Just not choose the female character? I know I'm a freaking genius right *Jazz hands* (Aside from the fact that the idea of Obsidan not having that choice is ludicrous) Don't question him. He has a master's degree in women's studies specializing in fantasy genre's. He is totally right, women in fantasy worlds are always subjugated and never take leadership positions. Look at the Wheel of Time series, no powerful character in that series is a woman. Thank you internet for sending us Nigro, your prophet, to let us know what the average diffident white nerdy 15-25 male thinks about women. I think we should definitely cater to this crowd.
  6. Romances are a given in games like this, but they don't all have to build up to a cheesy sex scene. Obsidian is in a unique position to actually write in classy romances. They don't have to oversexualize women, you could actually give a wrong answer that will end a romance, and not all romances have to end up resolved. There are a lot of shows/books/etc where there is tension between love interests, and even the characters involved realize this, but it is never resolved. Sometimes this makes the love angle even more interesting because there is an undertone to conversations rather than overtly saying 'YES WARDEN I LOVE YOU BECAUSE YOU KILL DARKSPAWN AND YOU GAVE ME ENOUGH ITEMS.'
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