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  1. Not really. Think of any historical examples where women culturally oppress men? You can't, can you. Yeah. It's HARD to oppress someone when they're generally bigger and stronger than you are. Especially when you're pregnant. Granted, in a fantasy world this could work if you have a race where all the spellcasters are women. Now suddenly women have the advantage--and angry women are kind of nasty. Or the females could just be bigger and stronger. Or you could have a race where 85%+ of the population is female. Or what about having a race with more than 2 genders? Or even a race that's not gendered at all? If they're going to explore mature themes, these might be some interesting ones. I'd like to see some unusual fantasy races. Some suggestions: Intelligent construct race an arachnid race with 8 limbs a fungus race an amorphous/shapeshifting race A mute race that communicates through telepathy Unicorns a race of sprites I'm sure there are a plethora of other ideas out there. I, personally, wouldn't mind if there weren't humans.
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