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  1. Sounds great, but i really hope all these additional classes transform into extra story content. Although i'm very optimistic. As you will add the PayPal pledges is there some site/way to know where we are standing ? Please
  2. The grimoires could also each have different bonuses (+ 1 Level 4 spell, shorter cooldowns, all ice spells do very little damage but always freeze the target...). When you now limit the number of grimoires you can have "active" (meaning each mage can only have 3 grimoires to change between) you have another tactical decission to be made. And i think we can't have enough of them. Maybe your first and personal grimoire is upgradeable. A dialog puzzle like the Circle of Zertimon would be great!
  3. What do you mean by "choose"? Do mean casting or choosing the spell beforehand. Sounds good, but i think the whole system eliminates the process of preparing and selecting the spells you will be able to cast. As i said already, let me choose (before the encounter) which low level spells are on cooldown. Using one casting pool for all mid level spells leads to another problem. You will most often only use the spells in the highest spell level because they will most likely be more powerfull. To follow your system: Level x Mage [Low level spells] Level 1 spells [zap, burning hands,
  4. The unlimited spamming of all lower level spells depending on your level sounds not so good. Although it resolves the problem of the wizard without ammo all wizards will play in the same way then. I think it would be better to only have a limited number of spells per spell level which can be set to cooldown mode (can be cast unlimited). For example female Edwin has used up all his high level (per-rest) spells. Of his/her level 1 spells he/she has choosen magic missile and mirror image to be unlimited (cooldown). For level two maybe one other spell. He/she can cast this three spells now unlim
  5. Sounds really interesting. Like a combination of sorcerer and wizard. My idea would be to also limit the number of slots for spamable spells per level. So you have to choose which spells to spam and which you cast normally. Of course the number slots for spamable spells per level and the number of cool-down spells per level increases as you level up. Additionally you can add certain perks, feats or items to increase the number of spamable spells or change there behaviour. This leads to more choices. Is it enough for you to spam fire arrows or do you want to have a bigger range of spamab
  6. Hi, as i don't have a credit card (and am not living in the US) yould you consider adding PayPal when the project is funded. As this is more a question of when not if. Like it was done with Wasteland 2. I'm sure a lot of people without a credit card would also like to pledge/pre-order. Thanks First Post and i misspell the topic.
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