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  1. looks like the game is a huge sucess^^


    - Sold a quarter of a million units.
    - Sales curve is still rising because of word of mouth
    - Production budget was 3 million euros, a third of which was made up by crowdsourcing
    - They broke even 
    - Industry has noticed the game's success; Swen has had offers to buy Larian
    - They don't know yet what they are going to do yet for their next project, first a holiday




    Really glad it works out for them can nto wait for their next project

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  2. Also, is the camera-pan speed adjustable at all?  It's manageable if I use WASD, but mousing to the edge of the screen causes my view to practically leap to the edge of the map. 






    Ok correction: You can adjust the speed. Under Game options^^

  3. Okay, I bought this yesterday.  Spent an hour or so mucking about with character creation, and settled on a Witch (with air magic instead of the default point in a saving throw category) and a Rogue (with the backstabby stuff subbed out bow skills).  Hopefully I'll be able to find a meatshield hireling or two for them before my spider gets too overmatched. 


    Anyhow, I played the tutorial dungeon and the orc encounter outside the town before calling it a night.  It was getting late, and I wanted to make my level-up decisions without being pressed for time.


    UI headaches:


    Is there a way to just remove the chat window?  Rather annoying how it keeps popping up even when I'm playing single-player. 


    Also, is the camera-pan speed adjustable at all?  It's manageable if I use WASD, but mousing to the edge of the screen causes my view to practically leap to the edge of the map. 


    Can you pause the game outside of combat?  I chased a rat halfway across the dungeon before I was able to successfully click on it for a conversation.  (In hindsight, I suppse I should've zoomed in a bit.)  



    Edit:  Need I mention how difficult it was to resist giving both my characters giant platinum-blonde afros? 

    You can remove the chat completely. In the bottom right corner should be a symbol.


    The pan speed as far as I know is not adjustable but maybe through mods later? 


    Also you can not pause you game during real time. That is one of the reason my people sometimes die because of burning or poison in the beginning^^

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     Turn based combat to begin with.

    I suddenly remembered a PvP game I used to play (it's very hard and has a steep learning curve, that's why I dropped it) - it has the best turn-based combat in the history of video games, in my opinion - Banner Saga: Factions. its combat system is brilliant


    Only played the SP of this game. And yeah Banner Saga was pretty nice. It reminded me of a western Final Fantasy tactics. But for me the things you could do were very limited.  One of the best Turn Based system in my opinion beside Divinity has Jagged Alliance 2. Man this game was or is a blast^^

  5. "You can criticize everything in D:OS EXCEPT the combat."


    Bull. People can criticize anything they want. Just because they don't   spam stuff you agree with doesn't mean they can't. They are not your slave.

    You can say you do not like it and when you read more of his comments he actually says that he does not like  Turn based combat to begin with. Not liking is something totally different than calling it crap. 


    Tactical combat looks alright.

    I don't know if it was just because it was indoors, but it didn't zoom out nearly enough to make that view point particularly useful.  Hopefully you can zoom out further.  If not, someone could always just mod the game to zoom out further, I guess.


    Outside of that, I wasn't particularly thrilled about the chip away at the boss' ridiculous life bar for a while, kill off a bunch of adds, chip away at the boss' ridiculous life bar, kill off a bunch of adds, lather rinse repeat boss fight.  Though DA:I is hardly the first, nor will they be the last, to use that tired old boss fight trope.  I mean, that kind of fight was cool a couple of times, but it's gotten super stale when 80% of boss fights in 75% of RPGs follow that same exact pattern to the letter.  Who was it that first unleashed that plague on us?  Was it a MMO?  I bet it was a MMO.


    This is a better representation of the tactical view which was shown at PAX.




    Looks terrible.



    I'm pretty sure that was Lando Calrisian at the end there. Guys in white armor looked about as much use as stormtroopers, maybe that was it. 


    Can you elaborate? I'm seriously not getting the hate for this game when everything points to the fact that Bioware will pull it out of the bag. One dicey game and a buggered up ending and any RPG community I go to treats it like the end of the world.


    It was not one lazy bugged up game it was the whole Philosophy Bioware or EA had during the whole Mass Effect (since 2) and DA2 era. And yeah they also lost me as a fan who buys everything Bioware related at that point. But DA3 so far looks like they really have learned a lot from the feedback they have gotten with their last 3 games.  And I am glad they did.  For me Origins was a hopeful light and a reason to be excited again about a Bioware game but that sadly went completely away with their last games. Now my last hope will be DA3 to see if they can still make true RPGs.

  8. Looks terrible.



    I'm pretty sure that was Lando Calrisian at the end there. Guys in white armor looked about as much use as stormtroopers, maybe that was it. 

    You really think this looks terrible? Did you like Origins? Or did you never liked any part in this series? Personally I really love what I have seen so far. Yes there are a lot of promises that still needs to be proven true but man the difference between 2 and this is mindblowing in my opinion. I am really excited to play this game.  Just like I was to play Origins. Yes stuff like the dialogue wheel are terrible and I wish they would remove that but this is long gone i fear. It is still a mainstream RPG game and always will be. 

  9. Worst gripes for me are character design, inventory (why 4 inventories for one player, that's insane, one inventory PER player please)


    and UI (only space for 10 skills in the action bar, no option to customise)

    Each character has a n inventory as it should be in my opinion. However I really do not like the fact that you always have to press on the last added items button to see the newest stuff on top instead of use these options you have by default.  And yeah it would be better if you actually could use the second or 3 bar on the same screen with certain shortcuts.

  10. last TB game I really enjoyed was Frozen Synapse. should give you an idea of what I expect from a TB game

    So you want a turn based combat game without much consequences while the actually action play in real time? So basically like Baldurs gate with a Pause function. Yeah that is not what Divinity is since Divinity is a true Turn based RPG game. 

  11. meh, I guess there's something wrong with me, because everything you guys bring up makes me roll my eyes.


    the fact that the game is challenging and requires thinking doesn't make it a good game. combat in BG, for example, requires no thinking at all. it's all point and click stuff. still, it's fun. 


    but fun is so subjective, I don't blame you, you're not wrong for liking D:OS, 

    You said it is crap which means bad. If you would have said I am not liking it because it is different of what I want in my games I would never complain about it.  And yeah if you do not like real D&D  combat like in Temple of elemental evil for example you will not have fun with the combat. However if you like Turn based combat this is the perfect game for you.  I watched a lot of people play this game and everyone who really loves turn based combat adores this combat system. If you like a more action oriented playstyle like in Baldurs Gate it is matter of taste not quality.


    but it's made with a similar design approach in mind  while featuring a different overall tone (both in graphics/art design and storytelling)...

    well, that different overall tone is what drives me away from D:OS. 


    I liked BG 2's antagonist, because for him it was very personal. BG was good in that respect too, I liked the fact that it all was down to earth, unlike in Throne of Bhaal (but what else can you do at epic levels). but the writing in BG 2 isn't always good, I just like the plot and how it's told through these quests. 


    and *the* most important thing for me: combat and how your party composition and equipment plays into it - combat in D:OS is crap, as far as I can tell (it's very hard to get TB combat right, though, for example I don't like combat in Fallout and Fallout 2, it could be better). even though in Infinity engine games combat is flaky, I'd still take it over badly designed TB combat


    You can criticize everything in D:OS EXCEPT the combat. The combat is nearly perfect and for a huge change it is actually challenging and requires thinking. The interactions with the environment is great and there is so much awesome stuff you can do with these elemental statuses.  Compared to that the combat in Fallout 1 or 2 is pretty shallow and boring.  It is not badly designed. Every encounter is there for a reason and thoughtfully build in. 

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     Funnily enough, when I see guys pipe up about not getting into playing chicks, they don't seem to get nearly as much flack as I do. What's up with that?!  :blink:



    Yes your observations are 100 % accurate, its really about the obvious inequality around gender  representation that exists in gaming nowadays. But the majority of people on these forums will tell you "there is no problem, feminists are always complaining", but as I've pointed out several times during similar discussions almost all active members on these forums are male gamers who are quote happy with the status quo..or are rather happy to not try to challenge it


    But there are several of us who do raise these issues, like Assassins Creed Unity, anyway its good to see a lady gamer raising this type of disparity . Things are changing in gaming and more and more  people are intolerant of company's that don't cater for there entire fan  base, so its is getting better. Albeit slowly :)


    Yes there are problems with gender representation but people try to solve this problem the totally wrong way. Instead of creating new IPs and strong female characters people try to change games and characters and I would call this censorship.  And the worst offender here are the Sarkessian videos they are so biased and so out of context that it makes this whole outrage laughable.   Just look at her latest video and her terrible terrible Hitman example.


    What gaming needs is better writing and with better writing comes better characterization for both gender.  99% of male characters are dumb too but they are just labeled dumb while female characters only labeled sexist and misogynistic. There is nothing wrong with games that feature titillation. Sex is something totally natural  as well as beauty.  It becomes a problem when it does not fit into the world it is set in. For example: Quiet in MGSV fits perfect into the highly sexualized world of Metal Gear while a women in a bikini would totally not fit into a game like COD.  


    Bottom of the line is: Do not change gaming do add something to gaming.  A game like Dragons Crown has as much right to exist than a Last of Us for example. If you don't like it do not buy but do not try to make people believe that they are a terrible person for liking what you do not like. 

  14. Dudes are boring to play, unless they're behind a mask and wear black and have twin weapons like cool guys do, Snake Eyes. Unless ... well, I'm really looking forward to The Last of Us Remastered in two weeks, and it's supposed to have a pretty cool unmasked male protagonist. But yeah, like, even all the comics I read are about the ladies ... Black Widow, She-Hulk, Wonder Woman, Elektra ...


    Still tottering around in Cyseal, talking to guards, going through portals ... I tried not very hard to fight a big orc on the beach but he turned red and pummeled all three of us.  

    Oh you are going to play last of Us for the first time in 2 weeks?  Man I hope you have the same fantastic experience I had with this game. Joel and Ellie are fantastic characters  but also all the other actors are fantastically written without any real exception. 

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  15. They are RPGs. Deal with it.  Even if you go with the notion that rpg = story even a RPG with a bad story is a rpg. Quality is irrelevant. Just like a bad sports game is still a sports game. Quality doesn't determine genre. That's foolish talk.

    The funny thing here is that most actual D&D campaigns have bad stories all over and beside Temple of elemental evil DOS is as much D&D you can get in a video game.  On the other side when I watch people play this game especially D&D lover they really like the writing and the game. It is really cool to see how this game does not impress the mainstream but rather the nerdy Pen and Paper RPG player which do these things since years. The overall plot may not be great but the writing is almost perfect.


    I take it you never had the chance to play a table top roleplaying game with a really awesome storyteller?

    nope, when I was a teenager tabletop games didn't exist in my area, you had to order them by mail from people who lived in Western Europe or North America, because there was no Internet either. ah, the good old days. I saw my first web page in 2001, I think  :grin:


    Also what does mean good story? Games are entertainment and they should entertain.

    good point, I don't know how to describe what a good story is, but I can provide examples. BG has a good story, IWD has a good story, ToEE's story sucks, Fallout 3 has a tarrible story etc.


    and I agree about the entertaining value of a game. but this value isn't determined by the game's story.


    a good example would be The Last of Us. I think its story is, while not terrible, not anything to write home about. and its gameplay is even worse. the only good thing about that game is its characters, while they're tied to the story, largely it's only fun to see them bond due to where the story takes them.


    hence why I really didn't like TLoU, if I were to break it down into parts that make up the whole game, all but one would in my opinion be weak and not worth my attention


    Sure that is your opinion but even people outside of gaming recognize the story and its characters and it gets praise all over.  Playing the last of us was not fun. It was intense and devastating. And that is why it was so memorable for so many people.  WE need to understand that games not always have to be fun. I am not even really into the whole Zombes thing but games like  The Last of Us and the Walking dead made me actually care about these characters a lot more than the Walking Dead TV series or even the Road  (Movie which inspired also the Last of US). What a game and also movie needs is not a deep philosophical plot or some deep meaning behind it. What a movie or a Video game really needs is good writing and also believable character. 

  17. Also, it would be best not to assume too much about someone just based on a few sentances of text and use of words.

    While it may seem clear to you that you know exactly what they meant and HOW they meant it, in 99% of cases, it's not true.


    So let's keep this civil without calling people racist or stuff just because they said "Black Guy" or whatever.

    That is the biggest problem on the internet. Everything you write or do does offend someone and then he tries to blame you for it. Political correctness is such a dangerous thing over the internet when you try to push it to people you do not even know except a tweet or forum post.  Everyone jumps to conclusion and the social justice mob jumps on board to see the internet world burn once again.


    Back than you called it Witch hunt. 

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    How can someone who enjoys roleplaying games not care about the story of the game they are playing?  You don't care about how your character fits into the world or why your character fits into the world?  That's like saying you don't like shooting guns in an FPS, it's one of the integral parts of an rpg - you're playing a character IN a story!  :blink:


    I never understood people that played games for their story, to be honest. If I want a good story I read a book. I play games for their gameplay. that's all there is to it. I skip dialogue in all RPGs


    as for the post directly above mine, not going to argue with you. no point, you're apologetic of and I'm heavily opposed to this game. we'll not see eye to eye. I find your arguments laughable, so what? you like it, fine, I'm glad for you. it's just bizarre, from my standpoint. 


     I actually play games just because of their story. at least the AA games especially on consoles. For just pure gameplay fun i will play indy games.  The argument that I could rather read a book or watch a movie is a really weak one because since this medium is so interactive you can build up much more intensity and emotions toward your characters. It is a whole different feeling than watching a movie or read a book. 


    Also what does mean good story? Games are entertainment and they should entertain. A game like Uncharted is just like an high budget Hollywood summer blockbuster experience while something as cruel as a The last of us is more like a Walking dead experience.  Writing in this industry is still pretty early and we definitely need better acting and writing in our games. But even these few example show how much more video games can be since you are involved and not only watch it. 

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  19. "It is an old school  D&D RPG in its purest form. Of course old school people will love this game"


    (Lack of) Quality aside, DlOS is NOT old skool. Anyone who has played old skool RPGs should know this.

    Yes the game mechanics and design is not old school but the philosophy behind the game. Old school does not mean bad UI and mechanics. 

  20. I'm probably missing something very important, but looking at gameplay videos of the first 30 or so minutes of this game makes me want to tear my eyes out.


    what's strange to me is people who are putting down ToEE are at the same time praising this turd. I am speechless

    It is an old school  D&D RPG in its purest form. Of course old school people will love this game. It is a game that actually needs you to think and not follow marker after marker. The Combat also is very challenging even on normal and you need to include all the tactical possibilities this game offers. 


    As for the praise I can totally understand these people because it is for me right now Game of the Year.  And people actually criticizing Pillars of Eternity makes no sense at all since we have not seen any real gameplay material of this game in the first.  You can criticize Obsidian and their practices but not the game itself since we know almost nothing about this game at all.



    "The tactical combat is more like DAO with the tactical camera (extra improved) and the real-time combat is slower with more weight behind the attacks, defence, hits etc. You can swap between these modes whenever you like and as always you can swap between party members at any time," wrote Lee


    This is what I'm most curious about at this point


    Extra improved? Improved how? My fear is that it's locked in much, much closer and I don't consider that an improvement over the DAO camera which did have room for improvement


    I posted a video on the last page in which you also can see the tactical view.

  22. It's now on GOG.  It would cost me $50 for a download version. No game not even BG2 is worth that.  Too bad too with all the praise the game is getting. I'll have to wait it seems.


    So I take you never bought any new game in your life? its 50$ for 50-100 hours of fun that is like 1$ for each hour.


    AS for opening: Since you get an enchanter class and Knight very early in the game maybe a tank and a Ranger or another wizzard

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