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    As a tactical asset, it can spy, explore, steal, poison, play tricks etc. either on enemies/neutrals or companions. It's got character (I always thought Morte was a good familiar, if overpowered as a fighter.)

    It's not an ugly beetle.


    Love this! I would love to see a familiar interact with the dialogue flow or even be a dialogue option. It could be upgradable through more than just levelling - for some reason I am thinking Unbroken Circle of Zerthimon. Having companions be able to interact with it is genius!

  1. Can I apologise whole-heartedly for the grievous errors in my earlier post? I said that you'd probably have the money by next weekend, when it has become abundantly clear that you might do it by tomorrow afternoon! :biggrin:


    As of 14:51 GMT on 15th September...




    For a project like this, from a team like this... raising the money is a formality. The question is not when they will reach their goal, but how many times over will they smash their goal and how much collective froth will we all generate from our respective mouths as a direct result of the coming details.


    Thank you!!!!!!!!







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