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  1. Awesome. But I have one question - is it going to be "dark" fantasy game? And when I say dark fantasy I don't exactly mean the precise definition, but something like Torment style (serious mature subjects like philosophy, faith etc., grim atmosphere, scenes like removing an eye and more) and definitely not like DA: Origins (it was said to be dark, but it didn't work for me - people there are doomed but they don't seem to care and one episode of drinking blood doesn't make it dark). Or is it going to have more Baldur's Gate-like atmosphere?
  2. +1 If you include known races, don't make all elves magical, mistical tree lovers and dwarves beer-drinking-and-fightin' miners. Some different nations/groups within the race would be nice. Some society created by ideological (ideology, not religion as usual!) fanatics or land where only rulers and priests are allowed to study knowledge and use it to enslave the common people, who even can't read etc. Just examples, I hope you'll come up with better ideas ;P
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