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  1. Bilbo was teh Chosen One, he couldn't fail. Eh? My impression was always that Bilbo was canonically just some hobbit that Gandalf found and thought showed an unusual amount of boldness for the race. I don't remember him ever fulfilling a specific prophecy or what not. Besides which, if he was meant to fulfill some great destiny (destroying the Ring) he did fail that, as did his cousin Frodo. If anyone was the Chosen One it's arguably Gollum, since it was explicitly his "role" to destroy the Ring (accidentally). I've never really thought of tieflings as elves myself. I mean,
  2. I'm liking this information overall. It's good to hear that companions will be important and consequential, while also remaining completely optional. Don't get me wrong - I love companions and will likely try to recruit as many as I can, but it's good to have that option. On that note, it's interesting that difficulty won't scale to party size. Hopefully a fully stacked party won't end up being too easy or solo play too hard as a result. I'm not altogether surprised about the races (a mix of old and new); it seems that's the best way to go with a new IP that's explicitly aiming to plea
  3. And your evidence for that is? Seems to me humans get along just fine even with non-sapient animals (i.e., cats, dogs, etc.). Sure, we compete with other species, but evolution isn't just about violent competition: there's also other means of competing (reproductive fitness, for one) as well as plenty of examples of cooperation (i.e., symbiosis). I'd rather not go too far along this topic, because it's a distraction from the main thread, but that seems like a pretty closed-minded view to take, since we've never actually had experience dealing with other races or species we could commun
  4. On topic: I could go either way. Non-traditional races would be a welcome change, but plenty of developers have shown they can do interesting things with "Tolkien-esque" races, which it's worth noting are closer to D&D-esque races inspired by Norse culture with heavy influences from Tolkien's interpretation anyway. So, yeah, I'd like some new races, but I can live with the old ones if they're used creatively and aren't just treated as stereotypes. On a side note I'd like to see a wagonload of racism in the game, real people hate each other for all kinds of gloriously retard
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