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  1. One thing I would like to see that has not been mentioned (i think) is revised XP awards system. I would remove most XP gains for killing enemies, and leave only memorable ones. In addition to whatever is considered "boss fight" these could be your first kill, your first large scale battle, your first bar fight, a duel to the death, huntihg down a bounty etc. XP should be awarded for accopmlishing goals, if you get there by using diplomacy, being stealthy or killing everything in your path the net XP gain should be the same. Of course, the choice should have other consequences, but players sho
  2. A steampunkish race or city or dungeon or special weapon at least would be very cool, I hope there is room for it in the game concept.
  3. Voted for SPECIAL, but I would like to see something like Arcanum, only more sophisticated. Diverse skills, without useless ones, more complex magic system, and more detailed and farther reaching backgrounds that act like classes.
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