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  1. So basically don't play wizard or beckoner, and don't use lvl 19 abilities of anything. Or literally don't play the game, as in decide it's "unplayable"? I'll choose the former option of setting limits for myself if it is drool enough.
  2. Set your own rules until they rebalance PoTD or add another difficulty. For example, I don't use food, combat consumables, or empower to keep it interesting. Two of my companions are junkies right now so I can pass skill/attribute checks with their respective drugs. Because I don't give an eff how other people are playing, I'm enjoying the hell out of the game as is(level 14 average on party); when they release the difficulty adjustments down the line, awesome. I'll be playing again for the expansions, anyway. Balancing will be a B-tier priority at best until the bugs are fixed. "Unpla
  3. I really was looking forward to having a herald in my party(and PoE1 companion), but because she was banished by the VTC, she ditched me at the docks. Fast forward a bit to the Serpent's Palace, and there's a weird sequence in which they're like, "Take Pallegina with you! Oh, she's banished? Nvm, lol." Anyone import or create this history and find her as a recruitable unit later on? I'm going to start scouring the city, but I wanted to get the weight off my shoulders of knowing whether or not she's lost forever.
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