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  1. my point is general. Games need to put emphasis on characters, their personality, and how inspiring they are. Every character should be memorable. I loved Diablo1, because each npc had personality, even the ones you met on the battlefield, and each had more than one story to tell, and they didn't throw it at you right away. I don't want to get lost in a sea of names, I want to get up close and personal with all of them. And no cliche ones please. All humans are complex and capable of contradictory behavior given circumstances. Just paint them gray oh and yeah. remove redundant ****. I'm ok for complexity, but most RPGs go for overcomplexity. And the nonredundant **** you do keep, make it euquivalent. each choice = and rewarding. track it down, and buff them PS: i would much rather an episodic approach or Path of Exile approach, where they release, and admit to working and delivering content. all games need rebalancing and refreshes. Better to have simple sound implementation first and deepen it later, than throw a huge pile of stuff and try to make sense of it
  2. oh, and the misconception that you need history to empathize with NPC is annoying me. just go back ^
  3. narrative with nowadays graphics is difficult. Because people are given all the elements they need to empathize , but they are broken. The old topdown isometric ones didn't have this problem, users didn't get character animations and mimicking when speaking, and not much voices either. So the bad guy was the bad guy , because you pictured him like that from his dialog and plot. So either you learn to cut corners and make it good, or you polish and tweak the hell out of those characters faces animations and voices. Every second must feel like you're in a hollywood drama. I'd say cut some corners for starters (pick heroes with no human face - Soul reaver), and go for a top down view to cut on the required animations when talking
  4. well they finally get it.. to some extent. But I was sure Chris was the one to do it 3D games' biggest immersion breaking problem is this, people don't empathize with any character. Why? 1) graphics are too clean 2) animations are too stiff and repetitive 3) face mimics suck 4) voices aren't that great SO, the most luck a game had came from a character with no face, so the user imagines the emotions for himself using the voice (soul reaver) And then it's Bloodlines (who really touched a maximum until now without cutting corners) So first of all get this down right, tweak it and polish it, and then start working on plots and twists. You know how people are don't you? first 15 seconds when meeting some1 are the most important, why? because all you need is to see his face, hear his tone of voice, see his movement and posture, and you'll know where he's coming from. Hear my cry!
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