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  1. By default it does. As soon as you go from "whats possible for PC" to "whats possible for console" you've limited your choices (memory, processing power, UI, controls etc.) Yep, in the early/mid 2000s previously PC-centered publishers (like Bethesda and Interplay) abandoned PC development in favor of consoles. That's how Interplay killed Fallout, and how Bethesda ruined The Elder Scrolls. Ya know I've been reading everyone's replies to this thread and most of you have some interesting points and obviously a lot of you didn't read what I posted about the console version being AFTER
  2. What if you actually had to recite the spells into your microphone so you eliminate mana and potions altogether and the only thing that magic depends on is the ability for the caster to remember all the different incantations they wish to use?
  3. For the person that chooses to not develop a relationship with anyone, can there finally be an option for masturbation at that big climatic evening the night before the end of the game?
  4. Idk they never let me have a relationship with royalty, I'd like to get some rich action for once!
  5. Hey, I am here because the ONLY PC game I will ever play with keyboard and mouse was made by this team. Neverwinter Nights 2, in case you were wondering. I think the first was better but that's a different story. I also loved their console games, mainly KOTOR 2 and New Vegas so I believe if anyone can make a quality PC version and then once that's done, make a quality console version (most likely Xbox, simply cause of past history with Xbox and Obsidian). So, I am interested in this game just as much as all of you and I see no reason (funding out of the question because it's clear the fans wan
  6. You see how much money they've raised already, there's no doubt in my mind they'll raise more than enough for the budget they desired for the PC version and I'm sure that a port or even a console version built from the ground up wouldn't cost more than it would to make the PC version. I'm not even asking they make them side-by-side, they could easily make the PC version first and then concentrate on the console version. If they don't, I'll guess I'll just have to save up like you said and get a computer...but even then I'll still use my Xbox controller to play it
  7. I don't currently have a computer of my own and probably won't have one for a while but I love your games Obsidian and considering the fact you guys have almost raised half the funding for Project Eternity and it's still day one, I think you will have plenty of funding to consider making a console version! So please consider it and if you announce a console version, I will gladly pledge! This is for anyone who agrees there should be a console version so speak up and let your voice be heard!
  8. Lol well if you're right and it's not DA3, then my second guess would be Jade Empire 2 or a completely new IP. Update: Oh and if EA ever made Dragon Age, you can count me out of ever playing it lol. In development by Bioware :3 EDIT: Why would a Bioware employee anounce the game if they're not working on it? EA would just do it themselves.
  9. Eh it's not been completely fully announced yet. Only that it's in development. By who? Could be Bioware, could be Obsidian given their relationship in the past and maybe Bioware's mistakes with DA2, they may want someone else to give it a try while they work on whatever their next big project will be.
  10. Alrighty fine sorry won't do it again! Didn't know I couldn't advertise my own article on a public forum lol but now I do and I won't do it again. So in case you weren't able to read my article, I personally think it's Dragon Age 3 simply because of the dragon (obvious), the name "Eir Glanfath" sounds very Dragon Age-like, Dragon Age 2 was met with very mixed feelings and maybe Bioware is willing to hand it off to Obsidian like they've done before, and the most important reason: the subtle hint of "Digging for truth buries the seeker." Which sounds a whole lot like a reference to the seeker fr
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