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  1. I seriously NEED an Atton romance mod xD I found some but they had been taken down never to be seen again. I do have some Atton stuff on the Sims 2 but it's not the same. Please reply!
  2. Finished the book Revan. :'(

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      Yeah, what a lame way to end Revan's story. And the Exile's.

  3. Just got the book out of the library. Already I see a few things which don't add up in the KotOR games and book. What are your opinions and...is there a mention of Atton Rand in the book?
  4. Hahahaha. Someone NEEDS to do an Atton romance mod. I by need I mean its the end of the world if we don't get one. They already stopped KotOR 3 for an MMO so they should make mods like that to keep us fangirls and boys...entertained.
  5. 1: Rae Torval (LS) Female 2: Carre Sivad (LS) Male 3: Jaun Kun (DS) Female 4: (My fave) Attra Stath (DS) Female
  6. My first exile was called Attra Stath (Darth Attra). She had brown hair and had a single red lightsaber. She liked to use Force Storm a lot and also loved choking the Disciple.
  7. There is one that gives you a Bastila exile head.
  8. Yeah some of the cut content was a bit upsetting. Like poor Atton if he loses the Atton V Sion battle. NUUUUUUUUUUU
  9. SWTOR is okay. But I'd rather have a KotOR 3 with an Atton/Exile romance and a Revan/Carth romance.
  10. What sort of sick person decided to kill off Atton?

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      Yeah, he was cool. I made him into a dark Jedi in my original playthrough. And sorry, but there ain't any romance mods for him. I would know, I'm familiar with most of the mods out there. You never know, though, someone might make one in the future.

  11. Wait...WHAT?! Atton...killed by Revan? O.o Sorry I have just been using the restored content mod so he's already dead...
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