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  1. That was my question, too. Kit as in I want stimpaks, a long-range weapon, and a cool-looking armor-plated overcoat ?
  2. I bought Fallout 1 on Steam a little while ago and the water chip had a time limit so I solved that first before taking on the baddies. Do I understand correctly that in the original version one had to take out the villains before returning with the chip so it was all under the same time limit?
  3. I think it's a marking thing, like so you know this sheep has had its shots or this sheep is from this flock or whatnot.
  4. I have Steam, so I'm guessing I have chat (I've never used it). Unless you mean the phone app, which I don't have but could get.
  5. Cool! Yeah, I should have said Ranged Weapons so it could be long bow or sniper rifle or whatever. I was thinking Fallout. Um. Real reason? I read dark elves are supposed to be chaotic neutral or chaotic evil. But I feel terribly guilty when I play evil. So I thought chaotic good might work. Will think of a story reason as to why she might have a different set of values than her peers. Maybe she was raised by humans?
  6. I like that definition. Because I'd add Alexander the Great's army and Hannibal - elephants crossing the Alps? Gotta be on a list.
  7. Okay, how about this? Female Dark elf aligned chaotic good Highly intelligent, good luck, good charisma Low strength, low endurance Tagged Speech, Sniper guns, Repair An outsider even among her own family, she has developed skills necessary to be self-sufficient, keep her gun in good repair, and interact with others - using charm and her ability to repair stuff to obtain ammo and other necessities. Did I do it right? Feel free to tell me to sit out this round. I can lurk and watch the fun, too.
  8. This sounds like fun!! I'd play but I'm clueless as to how. (I game on PS3, okay? Shut up.) Might try creating a character anyway, though.
  9. No, not proper ones. (Although I'm sure there are some illegitimate descendants out there somewhere.)
  10. No, no, they were intended for you. I definitely care about your replies. (I never played paper RPGs so I'm a bit out of my depth.)
  11. Favorite time periods: Ancient Rome Roman Britain Jacobite Rebellions in Scotland World War I Looking at that now, it looks like I'm a war fiend or something. It's not like that. Really. Also like the 1800s as a century, focusing on the UK and US. Fun times.
  12. May I ask you a stupid question? What is the difference between skills and stats? Perception is listed as a skill, dexterity and strength are stats. Also, in your opinion, how would you rate Fallout: New Vegas on the simplified vs. detailed scale? n00bity n00b n00b
  13. Should perhaps investigate decaf

  14. Really interesting post! This is a n00b question but - are all 4 characters you created considered PCs, so dialog between the 4 of them would not happen? Could NPCs join your party? Also, Fallout 1 & 2 used the same type of skill and stat system, didn't it?
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