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  1. Operation "get young" still on for the Mavs. I like that pick up of Noel. Noel and Barnes is a good to build off of.
  2. Oh of course he had a big game while all this was happening. Yep. That'd be him. Even saw on twitter Vivek saying he saw Steph Curry in Hield. Heh, we'll see. Gonna make a point to watch a few kings games to see what he's about.
  3. I haven't seen Buddy play much. Some local blowhard kept comparing him to Jimmy Fredette but any comparisons to him is a stretch if I haven't seen him much to make such a comparison.
  4. It can definitely turn into something, but they just don't have the guard play to match top teams in the west right now. KD at the 4 and Dray at the 5, they'd get bounced... if they get the 8th seed. But who knows, they probably just need someone capable running point and those two alone can vault them to the 2nd round. What I'd like to know is who pulled the trigger on this deal. It's so bad.
  5. lel And they had a shot to get Drummond for Boggie. How do you pass that up? Stein needs to be reinstated for basketball reasons and save the Kings from themselves.
  6. That press conference was hard to watch. I won't deny I laugh at some of the absurd contracts these GMs give these players around 30 years of age, but you can tell Prince cared deeply. And in the end, he may not have produced on the field like fans wanted him to but... in many other ways he's still worth it.
  7. Baseball purists won't give him the crown but congrats to Ichiro, the real hit king.
  8. I'm going to miss Tim Duncan, man. I was listening to the Le Batard show and Dan was telling a story Etan Thomas once told him about Tim. It was during a game that he had Tim in the post. He failed miserably the first time and Tim told him to next time put his shoulder into him. That way, he's more likely to get the foul call. Etan said to himself that this guy must be ****ing with him. Is he really coaching me? Sure enough, he tried it again and tried it the way Tim suggested. He missed the shot, but Tim told him he did much better that time and if he continues to do it that way it will cause him some problems defensively throughout the rest of the game. The big fundamental man. John Amaechi had some stories to tell as well but not as good, in my opinion anyway, as the one Etan had to tell. Now to post my favorite Duncan video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2SYIrUnf5Y Joey Crawford, man. He's something else.
  9. Seth Curry going to the Mavs. Now all they need is a Green and a Thompson and they're golden.
  10. No need to worry about the bench. https://twitter.com/AlexKennedyNBA/status/750009183018295296 Let it all trickle down. They'll get to it. And it looks like both Barnes and Bogut will wind up in Dallas. Stein just reported that there's a chance. So hopefully it'll work out. Cuban better not give up a first round draft pick. That nut had the chance to draft this guy but traded down instead.
  11. 4) Westbrook will avg. > 40pts/game while shooting <40% FG% That's the most important. Dude is gonna go off.
  12. https://twitter.com/AmicoHoops/status/750004267553923072 Lol. This is amazing. I need to get league pass for next season. Already looking forward to it.
  13. https://twitter.com/LILBTHEBASEDGOD/status/750006844953759745 Wow
  14. I don't think chemistry will be an issue. GS plays the same type of basketball San Antonio plays. KD will get his shots, he just won't average 30 a game, neither will Steph. They have essentially replaced Barnes with a better scorer/rebounder. And he's better defensively, too. Oh and Cuban, go after Bogut.
  15. Ah. I know they want to extend Curry. Well.... Bogut - bye. Barnes - bye. We also need to remember the based god curse on Durant. Will he finally lift it?
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