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  1. Things I would like to see in DS4: -Simpler Requirements for PC version..... 2.67 GHz Duo core Processor and a 200 bucks Graphics Card to play this game? -I wish the talent and skill trees were more developed, some of the skills arent worth getting or its just there for show, you just get it because you cant move on without buying a skill from the skill window. -I wish damage ratio vs. Hp ratio would be considered a bit more, unlike Lucas who has life steal and damage reducing or neglecting talents the other characters should have a bit more "umph" to their defences.... they feel
  2. On a platform maybe.... On a computer... unless you have a super good one, then no. I wish Obsidian will lower the toll it takes on the computer while playing this game on PC :S
  3. I find Reinheart the easiest in terms of kiting. I just teleport around the place to avoid adds and boss whether it be rajani or teleporting jeyne at spire. I lay down enhanced geometry and teleport around the large aoe of it. The risk of placing clockwork traps is high, most late bosses or "sister" bosses can pretty much 1 combo KO you even on normal depending on your setup even with Shield :S. I enhance my Geometry of Annilation with 4 points slow and 1 point for extra duration. I also lower his cooldowns and extra power regen when he crits and for me somehow, geometry crits alot of 200
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