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  1. Hi, This says that physical copies would start shipping out when I patch 1.04 is published. I see that patch 1.04 has been published so has shipping started for the $65 tier yet? In my Orders tab it still says "Shipping Soon". Thanks
  2. Thanks for the update. I was wondering how the disengagement attacks would work with mind-control/crowd control abilities? Could I mind control an enemy and constantly have the disengage my melee fighter to score free attacks? If my melee fighter was surrounded by smaller enemies, could I cast a fear spell on them to score free disengagement attacks on them as they run away? Would this be equal to the number engaged or can this be upped? It would be cool to have a combo where you could send weaker enemies running and then clean them up with disengagement attacks. Finally, how would
  3. I am only up to page 4 of reading what everyone else has posted so I do apologize if I'm repeating something here: I think to a large extent that your choice of armor system will depend on the other design choices that you make for the game. Here is an example from one idea that you posted during the Kickstarter: You said that you would have a stamina/health system where one is temporary and the other is more permanent and fatal. What this suggests is that taking a direct him from a weapon is going to be a very bad thing, since I don't see being stabbed through with a sword as only hur
  4. Hi, I'd just like to say that if you are going to include something like mining, please make it more exciting that swinging a pick. Something like goblin or dwarven explosives would be cooler where you can rig explosive to a section of rock and then blow it up in order to obtain ore. This obviously also opens up the possibility of opening up new routes and sections in underground dungeons, you could even use it to damage enemies like Batman AA's explosive gel. Oh and of course the noise from the explosion will attract patrols, but maybe that is a good thing if you have some traps w
  5. Hi, Planescape: Torment is probably my favourite game of all time so I'd obviously love something set in that universe, I understand though that such a game would go with licensing fees and to a degree may restrict creativity. Aspects of the PS: T formula that I would love to see in an RPG though are the integration of the role playing and the story. I loved the fact that I had certain dialogue options because a certain statistic was at the right level and that I could develop the Nameless One in such a way that it would enable him to further develop his relationship with his companion
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