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  1. I'm tired of high fantasy, pixies, trolls, wizards and pompous hero wannabe in tin cans saving the world RPGs. I backed POE2 but not hyped at all. Only game I'm looking forward to this year is Torment. Not big fan of Arcanum either and if Obsidian's next game is other than Vampire the Masquerade, I'll give it a pass like Tyranny though I might pick it up much later on.
  2. What I would like to know is the current extent and scope for the base game without any of the stretch goals. We all know roughly the budget for the first game from KS. Sales for the first game on Steam alone is more than 500 000 copies, minus fees, steam and physical production costs ect its still a lot of profit banked so surely many of the stretch goals and developer design wishlists should be included in the second game now that they have adequate resources.
  3. Finally bought FO4 this Xmas, 50 hours in and bored to death. Same with Skyrim and unlikely I'll finish both games. Completed WL2 late 2016, was a grind and lost interest in the story hallway through. POE plus both expansions was meh. DA:I the most overhyped colossal disappointment. Other than TW3, not impressed with any RPG games released the last 5 years. Now that both Tim Cain and Jason Bard$^!%& (I still can't spell his last name off hand) at Obsidian I WANT another Vampire the Masquerade!
  4. Voted for Vampire and now new IP(?) being worked on by Tim and Jason...
  5. Okay, so I saw the news over the weekend below and came over to this forum and found nada. Tim Cain is already on board, Obsidian just need to hire the rest of the gang. Only about 24 hours to go, hope its V:TM **fingers crossed** Obsidian Entertainment and Paradox to Announce New Game at GDC 2016 http://nichegamer.com/2016/03/obsidian-entertainment-paradox-announce-new-game-gdc-2016/
  6. Probably too late now, maybe Obsidian can add to expansion later cause I always prefer darker and sinister enemies. Beatles, giant spiders, trolls and fairies are just...bleh. Having hell of time with Dark Souls.
  7. Dear Christopher Avellone, After a disastrous 2011, the piece of shyte DAII and Skyrim (huge but dense), here is my WISHLIST 1. Dark mature theme i.e. non traditional fantasy, ditch the humans in tin can armours, pixies, dwarfs, elf ect 2. Epic story but not "up to you to save the world". 3. Party based RPG with deep character backstory. 4. Very tough battles that require stratigic planning and thinking (BG2&DA:O)) The only games that comes to close in my mind is Planescape Torment and TSL.
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