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  1. Okay, quick update - it seems that, short of quest progression, it doesn't matter if I travel about, close and open the game, or both in between any of the above steps. Aloth and Grieving Mother consistently lose their gear when I swap them out in the Black Hound Inn, at least at this time. EDIT - going to Caed Nua, however, allows me to swap characters to my heart's content again, so I'm starting to wonder if this issue doesn't pop up in specific locations on and off. The previous time it happened, it was definitely after a party swap in Caed Nua.
  2. I've experienced the same companion inventory wipe bug, this time in Gilded Vale. It appears to happen, as others have noted, when swapping party members out and then directly back into the party. I'm attaching three saves to this post - 1 - Entering Black Hound Inn, Full Party 2 - Removed Aloth and Grieving Mother from Party 3 - Restored Aloth and Grieving Mother to Party At Save No.3, both Aloth and Grieving Mother only possess the items they have equipped - quickslot and inventory have been cleared for them. The bug itself appears to be easy to reproduce once you encounter it,
  3. Hi, guys. For my own title? Hmm. "Gentleman Thief of the Obsidian Order"
  4. A spiritual or direct successor to Planescape - Torment, please. Pleasepleaseplease, pretty please. With a cherry on top.
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