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  1. Description After one of the fights, my Wizard BB was stuck in an animation loop, checking out his grimoire (basically, an animation where he was holding up and down his grimoire). During this time, it was impossible to issue any commands to this particular team member. It was only after some time that he broke out of the animation loop and followed the party. However, the wizard was getting stuck on each combat encounter since. Repro steps: Didn't try to reproduce this bug yet, but it would be about it: 1) Go to Dyrford dungeons 2) Keep fighting the guards 3) Observe if any of
  2. Just a little suggestion for a feature I kinda expected from the GUI: when you get a pop-up about a new quest in the upper left corner of the screen, it would be convenient to be able to click on it to bring up the journal. At least, that's what I did immediately upon seeing the pop-up for the first time (I mean, I clicked on it). The journal should of course open on the newly received/updated quest, so the player can review whatever notes are made about it.
  3. Thanks! I said that, because I'm aware how expensive voice actors are (especially the good ones). Basically, Undecaf gave the arguments I would have given, so I won't rehash what's been said already.
  4. I don't really care about the setting of the game, just do whatever strikes your fancy, though if I were to pick one, I'd like either: * a classic cyberpunk-ish setting, with extremely fast-firing guns, megacorporations, dehumanization through implants and weird drugs, or: * a fin de siecle setting, where the plot revolves around an expedition to foreign/unexplored lands. This one could have fantasy elements, like portals to another dimension, tribal magic, stuff like that. It'd be all about the clash of the imperial 'western' civilization (or a version of it) and the unknown cultures of th
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