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  1. in a related bug (?) or maybe it's just me, again, i've noticed that sometimes when ordered to cast a ranged spell, my character marches into the centre of its intended radius before casting.
  2. so my priest got knocked out in battle, and after the battle her foot seemed to be stuck in the ground because she was trying to walk around but couldn't (also, while this was happening, i noticed i couldn't zoom in or out, it stayed as zoomed in as possible). i reloaded and the issue was fixed, but now i have this (incase if it's a graphics thing i've got an amd card btw):
  3. i can't figure out how to edit my post, sorry. anyways, when i continued my game, i noticed that my controls changes had disappeared. this might be because i crashed out due to alt-tabbing, rather than quitting properly, though?
  4. I can use spells I've had from the start of the game, but when I leveled up and selected new spells in levels 2 and 3, when I click on the buttons for level 2 and 3 spells, there's nothing there edit: ...oh wait, there's a grimoire in my inventory. i see now. that's not very intuitive. shouldn't there be a spellbook icon in the main ui.
  5. when i altered the camera controls to wasd (since that's what i'm used to), i noticed that the a key remained also bound to attack cursor. like i said, it's a minor thing, but i'm used to games at least alerting me that i'm trying to bind an action to a key that's already in use. it was a bit confusing there for a few seconds till i realized what was going on.
  6. um, I'm not really interested in seeing people's planescape: torment fanfictions in game form. please do your own original thing, obsidian. (not directed at anyone in particular)
  7. I'd support whatever you guys want to do, personally. The appeal of having a game funded using kickstarter would be that we know that you wouldn't have to deal with publishers/be free to make the game you want to make. That's enough for me. Also, it would be great if, in addition to using kickstarter, you could set something up with paypal for those without credit cards to hand.
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