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  1. While what I posted may have hinted at that such thing, I don't necessarily envision that in KOTOR 3. The purpose of the trailer (especially for the KOTOR series) is to leave everything as ambiguous as possible and throw out many potential shockers out there. The Exile saying I love you could have been said to anybody, and it could materialize completely differently in the actual game/story.
  2. Ehh...I'm not going to take the word of Vrook. With all the lies/mistrusts that Jedi council caused, I take everything they say in KOTOR 2 with a grain of salt. While Vandar is canonically dead (at the moment), he could very easily be brought back by a simple "Vrook was just lying" case, or who knows what else. But, then again, someone could have caught Mace Windu when he was falling, right? Thanks! I don't write any fanfic, but I've given it some thought before. I think a little part inside me just wants KOTOR III to come out, where actual writers will come up with a (hopefully) great story. I do hope it happens..
  3. Definitely won't argue with that one. I wasn't even sure if I was going to throw a title in there or not, but oh well. I figured it'd leave it open-ended, as in birth of a sith or jedi order, kinda having what the previous two games did with the vagueness. But meh, maybe KOTOR III will do fine.
  4. This little piece here is intended as something we would see in a drawn out teaser-trailer of the game, months before it was released. Any feedback would be appreciated. <Somber music.> The LucasArts logo appears, which quickly fades into a black screen, with blue letters reading "A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away..." After 1 second, the screen fades to black. Camera fades into a dark ship hull, lit only by various computer monitors, shimmering hues of blue and green across the dark insides of the Ebon Hawk. In the central corridor of the Ebon Hawk stands a young woman dressed in tattered Jedi robes. Her brown hair is in a messy pony-tail. Next to her is a figure, slightly taller than her, dressed in all black. Their backs are towards the camera and they are both looking down upon the computer in front of them. VO [Deep and commanding voice, said right after the "long long time ago" words disappeared.]: I knew you'd come for me. Everything counted on that. And, now that you're ready, it can finally be done. You will soon see why only we can do this--and why everyone we cared for must far from here. We have the power to finish this. VO [soft, female voice, clearly unsure with her words]: Finish what? Camera cuts to show the two figures' faces, the woman looking up at the man. The camera zooms on to the man in the dark robes--he removes his cowl to reveal a grim, warrior's face. He looks at her. <The music comes to a climatic silence.> VO [same male voice as heard before, said with rigid determination.]: The War. <Still no music, only silence.> The screen fades from the face of Revan to blackness. <A light choir of voices starts up.> VO [The Exile; her words are still soft, but now there's a note of pessimism, maybe even contempt.]: Treachery is the way of the Sith. She taught me this well: peace is a lie. VO [Revan]: And that is why we will win. <Music starts up again, much more fast paced and action oriented, but with a tone of sadness in the background. This drowns out the choir voices.> Cut to Bastila sprinting across a Rakatan beach, towards the Rakatan temple, where Mission, Zalbaar, and Juhani stand. VO [bastila, nearly screaming from excitement]: A message! We've got a message! Well, sort of a message, but it's him, it *must* be him! <Music becomes faster.> Cut to a crew which includes Juhani, Jolee, Carth, Bastila, Zalbaar, and Mission boarding a Republic Freighter on a Telosian base. VO [Carth, confused]: These look like defense points. VO [Jolee]: Well what are we waiting for? Don't act like you don't know what this is, sonny; it's time to act. The doors close and the freighter takes off into space. Cut to the Mandalorian base on Dxun, with Canderous Ordo, Mandalore, looking upon nearly 3,000 Mandalorian troopers, directly in front of him, all arranged in perfect formations and battalions. The camera pans over the vast amount of troopers. VO [Revan]: I've always been prepared. It's time to act on these preparations. And if we do things right, maybe we live. Cut to a small room--gray in color. It's obvious it's used as a hideout, maybe on Nar Shada. Inside stands Atton, arms crossed in front of him, and sits Mira, Visas, Mical, and Atris. VO [Atton]: So? I still think it's a trap. I'll all for recklessness, but this may be suicide, and don't we have an order to maintain? VO [Visas, contemplative]: No.. it is her. She wants us to go there. I .. feel it through the Force, we must go there now. Time is not on our side. <Music quickens even more. Loud, pounding drum beats signal every new scene that will take place.> Cut to a ferocious space battle between thousands of Republic snub fighters, battle cruisers and corvettes versus an unknown ship design. A sea of red and green lasercannon fire fills the space between the two armadas. Utter chaos fills the screen. Cut to an intense fight between Revan, the Exile and an unknown opponent, in close-quarters combat. The scene is too fast for the audience to see anything but a blur of Red and Blue lightsaber streaks. Cut to Bastila preforming a high back flip over three fighter driods, and simultaneously cutting them in two with one end of her yellow lightsaber. Cut to a large battlefield, showcasing several thousand Mandalorian troopers charging towards a temple, with an innumerable enemy dressed in deep-purple armor guarding it. Cut to a scene that shows Atton's strained face. He's in a dark room, but a blue illumination covers his face. The camera falls back to see his outstretched palms capturing Force Lightning. His fingers curl and his wrists bend in an attempt to deflect it from his body. Where there was once courage, fear begins to show in his eyes. Cut to blackness. <Music stops.> VO [Revan:] Sometimes you can't plan everything.. VO [bastila, snarling]: With HER? What about us? What about our bond? Is that nothing to you now? <Light Jedi-themed music returns.> Cut to a small, green alien, standing on a pedestal. VO [Vandar, yelling]: Our last stand, this is. Tonight decides whether the Jedi will live or fall. Place your faith in the Force. And may it be with you all. Cut to black. <Music gets softer and softer, eventually dying down.> Large blue text appears: STAR WARS: KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC III: THE BIRTH OF THE ORDER Coming soon. VO [Exile]: I love you. It's you fight I fight for.
  5. Interacting online with people named "STDSkillz" makes me lose faith in myself... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hardly interacting. But yeah, it just makes me want to rip off my blank.
  6. People arguing over how well an XBOX works, or which console is better, makes me lose faith in mankind.
  7. It's too bad Intel waited for a long time on the Conroe. They've had it developed for a really long time now, but they wanted their NetBurst technology to get some money back. What a waste.
  8. The Conroe's make the Pentium D's look like a huge pile of electronic crap.
  9. It's too bad gamers have to wait until Nvidia releases its new chipset for its SLi goodness. Darn
  10. Oh yeah, that baby'll run KOTOR. I ran KOTOR 1 and 2 just fine (albeit low settings) with a GeforceFX 5200...so that'd be great card for you.
  11. Their modding isn't going to get done any faster with people asking for updates constantly... Be patient and you'll get your updates in time.
  12. Kreia's my favorite character from K2, I think she's very misunderstood. I find her as a tragic hero, in a sense. She's soooo tired of being pushed around by the Force, and seeing the trillions of sentinents that die at Its will. So, she wants to end the Force. That way no more Jedi, no more Sith, no more of this stupid fighting that's been going on for aeons. Quite a big project for such a little Jedi/Sith Master to tackle...
  13. Way to bring Linear Algebra into everyday life with a vengence!! Looks like you were doing some Matrix Projection? Exciting to see! (I'm a math major, so of course I get excited about stupid things like this)
  14. G0-T0. You actually had POTENTIAL to use Disciple for something, G0-T0 was just a filler-character, absolutely ridiculous.
  15. None of the Jedi Masters in K2? I thought Vrook could be very tough if you were a DS Exile and went to Dantooine too early. He healed himself very well and his stats were pretty good.
  16. SSgtSniper, You do indeed have DDR400 Ram, running at a 2.5 V capacity. While Crucial is a great place to buy Memory, it can be a little expensive. May I recommend this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820145026 I have this RAM myself, and it's GREAT preformance, plus it's only $39, or so. Just check out all the reviews on it. I recommend NewEgg wholeheartedly, I have been a very happy customer with them for quite some time. You can even buy a GIG of RAM for $78...very good deals. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820145440 Good luck in your process.
  17. A lot of game sites who reviewed KOTOR2 obviously didn't play it as long as they probably should have. Some of them gravely missed a lot of the bugs that are in the game.
  18. I remember reading an interview with someone from Obsidian explaining that there's a butt-load more characters to load in KOTOR2, but I can't really explain why it would be such a dramatic improvement. Might be tweak somewhere to be found ...
  19. It's extremely easy to mod KOTOR for the PC. All you have to do is create new files, and drop them into an override folder, and everything is fine and dandy. For XBOX, though, you would have to change the entire way the game is written on the DVD, and I'm pretty sure that even if you managed to copy the game to your XBOX harddrive, there isn't an easy "override" option that will simply allow you to go and mod away. If that were the case, there would have been tons of KOTOR mods for the XBOX by now. It's all in the coding.
  20. Hello Mattyo, If you want see if this is truely a glitch or not, there's one sure way of making of the event trigger. Bear in mind that this MAY be a glitch, because this has happened to me before, where the point never triggered and I was forced to reload. Good luck! I hope you can finish Nar Shada off!
  21. I was just asking about the hard drive, because I've seen people mod the XBOX without it, and some weird stuff can happen afterwards. Not sure what it could be--try cleaning the disk off? Have you cleared all KOTOR2 information from the hard drive? Try the game on another XBOX?
  22. My friends got two BFG 7800's and it runs fine. I know someone else with an FX-55 that runs it perfectly too. Both KOTORs will run fine on amazing systems, don't worry. [edit: if you're going to spend that much on a system, my guess is that you can afford a $29.99 KOTOR game, and I saw that price at Best Buy. I'm sure you could find it cheaper elsewhere. I wouldn't be afraid to purchase a relatively cheap game.]
  23. My friend has a: P4 3.73 GHz 4GB 533 MHz Dual-Channeled RAM 2x BFG 256MB GeForce 7800GT in sLi mode. He doesn't seem to ever get lagging problems with KOTOR, for some reason...
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