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  1. Don't know about a failure. I have played all the rest, and this one is definitely different from those in look and feel and may be a disappointment to some. The one thing that remains is the Linear aspect of the game, at least from what I've seen so far.
  2. I have played all the dungeon Siege stuff and just got this. Go to the first town and got my first side quest ( release the prisoners in the cave ). You get swamped in that cave. Talk about having the odds stacked against you. I was playing on normal and cut it back to casual, but that didn't really help all that much. Sure do miss the health potions. May have to go back to the village and run some other side quests and see if can level up a bit more. Can't hurt. That having been said, I wouldn't necessarily call it too hard ( the same was said about The Witcher 2 ), but exceptionally challenging, even in casual mode. I guess that is one way to extend the playing time. I am starting to rack up some time in this thing already and 95% of it has been in that cave
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