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  1. Rhomal was right, the Shadowrun Magic system is a great mana system. My biggest problem with D&D magic is the illogical way casters "forget" spells all of a sudden. It's very contrived. D&D may still be king but it's old and decrepit.
  2. Get back to work you! I was an AD&D 2nd ed. player, but I LOVE building-games. First started as a wee lad on Adventure Construction Set for the C64. I'm kinda irritated at all the requests to make NWN2 more like BG, IWD, and think that those people are missing the point. If you want nothing but SP, then go buy an cRPG that has nothing but SP. I also don't get people saying NWN1 was not a success. It's not HalfLife-big but come on, what exactly are people expecting? consistantly in the top 10 in multiplayer (not counting mmorpg which I loathe), thousands of mods, hundreds of them high quality, tons of PWs, a very active and populated community. Honestly NWN2 will be lucky to have what NWN1 has 2 1/2 years after release. Not saying it couldn't (I'm hoping it will), but NWN1 was a success, hands down.
  3. ok smartypants, the fact that you had to say "I'm not trying to put NWN II down" and that you're accussing me of not reading your post means you're being rather confrontational. You wanted a discussion (but I'm ready to believe your trolling) so I'm giving you one. We argee on some issues, but I don't get your Bio>Obs. talk. Actual discussions involve a "trading" of thoughts, not just a shout in an ulgy color and dissapearing afterwards. If you have specific points as to why my post is silly then make them.
  4. Neither of these games even exist yet. We have a reasonable idea what the tools for NWN2 will be like, how can you know what the Dragon Age tools will be like? Bio wrote the toolset Obsidian is redoing, so why wouldn't they help if asked. Did it occur to you that Bio and Obs know each other? Some of the folks at Obs were supposed to be in on the original NWN. Since Bio wants to do other things, what more obvious choice to get NWN2 than Obs. As for Kotor as well, there is a great demand for sequels. Why wouldn't Bio hand it off to people they worked with before and a new company they want to see succeed? I like how your bashing Obs, when they have only 1 (Xbox) game to their credit, which is receiving decent reviews. Honestly as far as single player goes, it won't be hard to top NWN1. Forgotten Realms has been done over and over in CRPGs, yet I don't hear people complaining about BG2. I believe Obs. can do some good things with NWN2. And my guess is that it will be better than NWN1. Dragon Age is much more of an unknown, but it's freedom from Wizards of the Coast and all the rules of d20/D&D is very appealing to me.
  5. since we're so far off topic anyway... check out a user called "lorax" on the gone gold forums for an example of a master troll.
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