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  1. One of the bad things about DS3 though is both players stuck on the same screen. One runs one way and the other runs a different way and suddenly someone dies because they got trapped and couldn't move. Yeah, that's challenging but in a bad way. It's one thing to make players work together more but it's another to restrict their movements in combat. Also I wouldn't say there's a lot of freedom in the game. Not to mention..."streamlined" is a bad word in itself. What it really means is "we are making things less complex so it appeals to a larger audience". DS3 lacks complexity. I am
  2. Nice to know they are still doing something for the game period. It gives me hope.
  3. Most of the RPGs I've played have a new game+ feature of some kind.
  4. I'm not opposed to DLC provided it's reasonably priced. My only question would be would it raise the level cap above 30? I'm guessing it won't unless the DLC is the size of an expansion. Which would be nice.
  5. After doing all the available quests we could find we still only got to level 26 on our first playthrough.
  6. I can't really see an expansion. It would nice to see what happens based on your game save, like importing into it and continuing that character's story. But I dunno if it would be worth it to them. Ans while I wouldn't mind seeing a new character added to the list, I'd rather see a new game+ and/or more story content with added skills, talents, and profiences for the existing characters. Again, I don't know if the cost of production and development would be worth it to them given the game's reception. I think we'd be lucky to see a DLC of some kind....hopefully not item based though. G
  7. I'm not mad you said that, I just honestly wish it weren't true. It's one of the coolest games I've ever played. WTF is wrong with people. GRRR!!! The developers refused to heed the fans concerns during development and completely ignored all the features that make ARPG's great and gain some of them huge followings and big online communities. Dungeon Siege 3's online community has never exceeded Diablo 2's community size ... Diablo 2 is 11 years old. And it isn't like people weren't addressing their concerns before the game came out, because people were. Obsidian just thinks they know
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