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  1. Well it's working now, full controls and savability. I reinstalled my vid drivers, same set I was previously using... updated video driver version the game did not like (could not see any menu item on game start screen, was like omg) After running the Steam validating tool 20 times.... it finally found 5 problems, which it fixed. turned game on and all was working perfectly My feelings about what happened was eighter patch was updated, or steam had problems that they fixed. Thanks for the help everyone.
  2. in that folder i see 2 things: 1- saves (saves + Eoptions + GOptions) 2- user (I see only audio and video settings only here) Which thing were you talking about to setting to or not to read only?
  3. also: when I click on a keymapping option to change, a blank box comes up every time and with every option. iI just add change and cliclk trough it as if i could see the text. Change works but i need redo everytime I start the game.
  4. I guess it patched but...... 1- I can't see the word Keybindings in the box for it in options, but when i click on the box the keybinding menu comes up. 2- when I apply changes to keybinding and hit apply, it say's saving then loads game with the new keybindings working, after quiting the game and restarting the game i need to redo all keybindings again.... they are not saving. My system info: OS Name Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Version 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601 OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation System Name HEM-PC System Manufacturer powerspec System Model B
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