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  1. Most destructible items will respawn, these would be a good thing to obtain cash from if not from selling objects to stores. Plus, who doesn't enjoy smashing mailboxes and tiny plants? Thanks for the screenshots, irajacobs - based on the silhouette screenshots you put up here's what I was able to deduct. For your weapon, it looks like you're missing the Dire Scepter, level 11. This is looted off the dead corpse of the Bishop in Canada. You are also missing the Holy Mossad Knife, level 11. Can be found in the Banff General Store in Canada. Outfit, you are missing Bishop Vestments set, level 12. All items can be found in the Banff General Store in Canada. Hope this helps, let me know what you find!
  2. Ike does not have a room and no you can't pick up anything from Kyle's closet. Can you snag a picture of the missing items as well as a photo of your map with what treasures are missing? I can narrow down which ones are actually missing and can help you find where they are located. Thx
  3. If it is the Chinpokomon in the school, there is the Donkeytron, Poodlesaurus Rex, and Pterdaken. Donkeytron is located in the school kitchen, Poodlesaurus Rex in the Detention Hallway and Pterdaken in the Attack on the School locker. Kyle's house has Chinpokomon Stegmata in his garage. As far as equipment goes for Kyle's house that are not found in the store, it's possible it is inside the gnome bag in the "King's Forest" or the chest inside the tent near the shop in Kyle's backyard.
  4. I'll see if I can help you out. Can you post up screenshots of the "missing" items on your list for each category? The silhouette will help me narrow down which items you're missing for each category.
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