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  1. Custom difficulty should be added to new downloadable content for Dungeon Siege III! I hope so! Thanks!
  2. In future, if new version of Dungeon Siege III add "Custom" difficulty with individual settings OR modding then Dungeon Siege III would not award any achievements relating to difficulty. Dungeon Siege III will still award main quest completion achievement and perfection achivement (complete all quests). Some persons need to use "custom" difficulty other than causal, normal or hardcore difficulty. For now, even with "Casual" difficulty, boss fights are VERY difficult for me to beat! I died very often in boss fight(s)!!! I own Playstation 3 console.
  3. I like to add advanced options (Customizable difficulty settings) in addition to standard CASUAL, NORMAL and HARDCORE. See my thread for details. Some people need much easier difficulty setting than CASUAL. Some people need much harder difficulty setting than HARDCORE. Customizable difficulty settings should contains lots of customizable individual settings such player attack strength relative, monster attack strength relative (or damage modifier), how much coins the players would pick up, how the player's power sphere fill slower or faster, etc...
  4. While I am suggesting extra options (cheat) which adjust with custom setting, I also like to add coin drop slider 10% to 800% in 10% step (default 100%). I have played Dungeon Siege I and Dungeon Siege II games. Only Dungeon Siege I game, anyone can "hack" repeatedly without have to dodge often if you select "EASY" difficulty level. I am not experienced with dodging tactic yet in Dungeon Siege III so even "Casual" difficulty setting, boss fights are very difficult for me. My character died often in one big boss fight near Stonebridge. I like Dungeon Siege III to have "Extended Option or Advanced Option" that allows anyone to "customize" individual parameters OR add "SUPER CASUAL" difficulty option which allows hacking enemies without have to dodge often.
  5. I know there are three difficulty setting, CASUAL, NORMAL or HARDCORE. I doubt that Dungeon Siege III for PS3 may have cheat codes. I like to add more options for next patch for Dungeon Siege III for PS3 (Unless modding can be offered) below: Add custom difficulty tab and "Use custom difficulty" checkbox Adjust player damage modifier (10% to 800% in 10% step, default 100%) Adjust enemy damage modifier (0% (Invincible) to 800% in 10% step, default 100%) Adjust power sphere recovery rate (10% to 800% in 10% step, default 100%) Contionous regeneration checkbox (20% of max health point every minute, default DISABLED)
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