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  1. I am not sure if this might be the problem for some of you in this area or not, but, I am stuck currently in Raedric's Hold Armory room, can't get past the door, when I notice on of the summoned skeletons from Kana has appeared in a different area when I was looking around the map. Basically, I can't leave the room I am in now, since the full group is not together cause of that one skeleton that I am not sure how it got there.
  2. This bug is actually causing me the problem of not being able to leave a room I am in Raedric's Hold in the armory, and one of those skeletons appeared in a different area, which is actually preventing me from leaving the room I am in. No way of being able to dismiss the skeleton, or kill it, unless I want it to attack one of the priests, which makes that area all hostile. I do suggest anyone that is having a problem with any doors in any area, take a look around the map and make sure there is no summons on the map anywhere.
  3. Thanks for the info, that is bloody annoying to get stuck like that.
  4. I am currently in Raedric's Hold, I went into the armory and now I am stuck within this room, when I try to get out of the room, I see the door icon change to an open door icon for a second and nothing happens.
  5. I applied the patch on my game. After loading my saved game, the crash seems to be still there, as I can't leave the room I am in.
  6. I actually just got this bug, while playing on the GoG version.
  7. Just up my pledge by the $8 for the order, shadow knight of the obsidian order if its not taken
  8. Because? There was a demo and reviews, no one told you to get the game before researching whether it suited your tastes or not. Thats a BS statement if I ever heard one, you know how many reviews I read that thought a game was so great, and then it ended up being terrible. Like Beauty, a good game is in the eye of the player, many people hated FEAR 2, but I loved it. Same can be said with DS3 I have ready more good reviews than bad, that doesn't make it a good game in my eyes because it is too far gone from the orignal formula that made the originals so good in my eyes, but there again I am the one that has to be satisfied with it, and I am not. And demos? I have played many demos that sucked, but the game ended up being rock solid, case in point Star Trek Online, the demo and beta sucked but the game ended up being good. I Agree with the above, reviews show/tell the opinion of that one person, not everyone will agree or disagree with them, along with demos I have as well played a lot of demos for games, some of those games have turned out to be quite different then what the demo showed. This game has not just a few problems, it actually has a fair amount. Camera Problem Even in single player is horrible, I fee like I am looking more at the top of my screen then I am actually looking at the game. I don't know about most people but usually people/chars don't look down when there moving, usually you look ahead to see whats coming. MP Fix camera as everyone knows is horrible Gameplay The gameplay/action of this game is no where near a good hack/slash game, it may be about average in my books I played the first two ds games, and I would have to say, I would rather them have kept it more the group base combat compared to what they have now Story The story is decent, but, it feels way to short, only parts of it keep you engaged, and again cause of camera problem stated above I find myself being taken away from that story, cause i am always dealing with the camera Controls I know they are fixing the controls or trying to already, I can actually get use to the controls to the point where i can use them, My problem comes back to the camera that actually makes it hard to control the chars more then the actually controls do. Gear/Customization As others have said in this post and others, I actually find there to be a lack of variety for gear, I find myself sticking with some of the items from 2 areas back in the story. Customization/Skills for chars, I would actually of preferred to have more to choose from, or Closer to the games were when you could have them trained into anything you like Party I would actually have perferred if they made it more of a group orientated combat, compared to what it is, would of been nice to use all the chars in combat, not just one with you.
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