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  1. No they didn't. They specifically said that the single-player characters will be separate from the multi-player characters. I quote: You know what that tells me? It tells me that I have a single-player and a multi-player character. Now, I don't specifically mind the lack of multiplayer characters. I won't go raging at Obsidian for that but guess what? That's not a system to match DS3 players together. We're already limited to having one unique character per game (out of 4, mind you) and now we have to resort to having your own personal friends to have a copy of the game to play
  2. 3 things: - Fix the camera. I suggest having an independent camera for each player, at least on the PC version. Don't make the zoom a toggle with a scroll wheel; it's pointless and thus dumb design. Put it on "Page Up / Page Down" like PC games do... or, you know, actually have multiple camera zooms if you're going to use the scroll wheel. - Remove the retarded targeting system that NEVER targets the enemy you want. Have spells/abilities cast where the cursor is pointing. For the PC version at least. - Have persistent Multiplayer characters. Save the order of where points hav
  3. I find it funny that there's no documentation on how to start/host a multiplayer game. The manual only tells you how to join a game. It wouldn't be as bad if it wasn't for the fact that we were told that we would have completely distinct single-player and multi-player characters... and even THAT isn't explained until you finally manage to play co-op... ... and then your ideas of playing multiplayer characters (a la Diablo) is shattered and you go: "Ohhhhhhh! Well !@#$%"
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