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  1. Um - errrrr more people complained and you still implemented the same thing?
  2. Other than the multiplayer points, it pretty much looks like I'm just not DS' target audience as most of those features I don't care about. -Character creation: It wasn't very impressive in DS 1 and I'd rather have speaking fleshed out premade characters than a character you can design BUT NEVER UTTERS A SINGLE WORD let alone a grunt. -Weapon/Item versatility: Dealing with all that garbage in DS 1 was a massive pain and I hated it. While its true you are stuck with the sword and can't equip a mace or axe etc., I'd gladly lose that ability in favor of the much easier to deal with inventory ma
  3. I'm on the same side of the fence that I was on when Fallout 3 came out. I loved the old versions and I love the new version. 'Course in Dungeon Siege's case I only have been enjoying the new version. I don't have a lot of pity for DS fans. Previews have been out for ages, the demo was out for weeks that I played multiple times and was a clear indicator the game was nothing like the previous one... which is a very good thing IMHO. Everyone's favorite franchise goes through changes and you either go with it, or you ignore the new versions and move on to something else. Something I've done with
  4. I'd say that's a pretty clever marketing strategy, no? Agreed, in the end a company's main goal is to make the most profits possible. One can argue that it is not ethical, but /shrug from a business standpoint I don't see why they would care about this. In a world where the bottom line outweighs customer satisfaction, a players expectations will never be 100% fulfilled. I can understand why some old fans of the series might not like the complete change. What I can't understand is why people would be fans of the old series in the first place. I personally loved Fallout 3 and
  5. Yes different developers have different visions, that's why they make their own game. Regardless, of what the developers vision is IMHO, you should at least stick to the series. In this case all they did was use the name to market their original game. It's not based off of anything from its predecessors. The fan base of DS1/2 come here expecting a DS 3 game, but in reality its like naming Call of Duty Dungeon Siege 3, of course all the COD fans are going to buy the game but as soon as they get it they are going to be like WTF is this? Not saying its a terrible game, I enjoy it - it def
  6. Meh, I wouldn't consider it the best game. It was certainly pretty good. I guess I agree with you on DS2, it was pretty boring, I think you just need to get out of the lame tree city then it picks up a lot.
  7. DS2 is the only game in my memory that I quit half-way through simply because I got bored to tears. And I played tons and tons of Diablo/Titan Quest/etc. Something about this situation is suspicious. Well, I don't think I ever beat it, actually I probably quit halfway through too. But, with higher reso + patch, its a little better. You can respec / change game speed / new graphics spells, etc you get the idea. Fun if you have friends you can LAN it with.
  8. All they did was by out the Dungeon Siege name and create a game of their own. They used the name & story and created a completely different game. Its like McDonalds buying a Gym, its advertised as Micky D's but then when you go inside to eat all you get is fat chicks on treadmills... disappointing. Nothing about this game is Dungeon Siege - like, oh well. The only good thing about this game is that it got me into an original DS1 and DS2 mode, go back and play those games with the Hotfix mod (for DS2 anyway) and run it in 1920x1080 and you will love it all over again more than DS3!
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