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  1. Chiming in that I also feel the controls for PC are absolute trash. Severe case of consolitis, will not purchase game until this is fixed and will recommend to my friends and forums to not purchase.
  2. While I'm thinking about it, this game seriously needs click to move something fierce.
  3. It's important to complain. There's a certain amount of whining, yes, but complaining is the #1 way companies have to improve themselves. If we don't complain, how do they know to better meet our needs? Ask any business owner who their best customer is and they'll tell you it's the one that complains the most. Anyways, yeah I can eventually get used to the controls. Just like I can adapt to their being no full screen windowed mode. It just means I won't buy more of their product or recommend it to friends. Just like if a restaurant screws up my order and forgets the pickles. I love pickl
  4. Registered specifically to agree with the original poster. Complete lack of keybinding is insulting in this day and age. I would also like to mention that the lack of a fullscreen windowed mode is also ludicous. These should be standard features in any PC game, something that should be in before the game even reaches an alpha stage. For a release candidate to not have these simple features... Glad I did not spend money on this game yet. Going to recommend to my friends not to get it either unless this is fixed soon. We will speak with our wallets on this one. I want to give you m
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