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  1. The "game" has only been out a day. i though my level of disappointment after this short time deserves a few posts, you never know the right person may read it, it not impossible.
  2. I have fond memories of the previous titles and was a big fan of them, but to see it reduced in this ways is actually kind of upstting. its hard for me to understand how they could take so many steps backwards. Infact no emotion translates well over the t'interweb, but its worth a try.
  3. Yes, you are entitled to criticizing the game. You are not entitled to insult everyone who is not sharing your opinion and you are above ALL not entitled to insulting people based on if they are foreign or not. im not sure if you realised but, calling some one a troll because he/she or it disagreed with my opinion in the first place, but i dont expect some one of your calibre to pick up on obvious details like that.
  4. Does not compute. simple answer to that, your foriegn. you dont understand the bare concept of english yet. Yes, my English is not the best. Perhaps you could explain the principle idea behind your last post in simple words so that I might understand it? ok since you asked nicely; i would of preferred this game had not been created as i believe is a travesty on the dungeon siege name.
  5. congratulations you have stereotyped your self as a typical cancer. anyways im simply expressing my absolute hatred for this backwards game. to which im entitled to with out your narrow minded posts, if you would just leave your keyboard alone and put your **** away i would be very grateful. oh noes i forgot it was so important to make sure everything is correctly spelled on this forum of world changing matters.
  6. Does not compute. simple answer to that, your foriegn. you dont understand the bare concept of english yet. His comment is perfect, because your comment makes no sense. Foriegn, aswell. im guessing your countries you have never heard of Sarcasm.
  7. i do believe, you need a better standard of insult. im stating nothing but fact. the old games are better by a huge margin. just because you have low pathetic standard to live by doesnt mean i should. I respect you backing out, it was a sensible thing to do. but i have to disagree once again with you new version of your previous comment, simply on the fact there is no one like me, and would you guess it theres no one like you. (unless your a identical twin or some cloning experiment offcourse)
  8. What this game needs is a developing team with some actual talent!
  9. would of been a good game if it hadnt been created. all this technology these days and yet it has absolutely nothing on the original or DS2. it would appear the mentality of developer is make it have good graphics equals good game.
  10. funnily enough, i did a direct compirson from dungeon siege 1 to whats is apperantly "dungeon siege 3" before i shattered the disk into tiny pieces, and my god it truely shocking. DS1 had a massive beautiful map filled with enemies and secrets and very very good system of customizing the charictor the way you want it by using the weapons you prefer. in short its a masterpeice of the highest value. This new so-called game, only had better graphics (like its the only thing that matters these days). the map was so linear, you had to chose at the beginning between some ****ty premade chari
  11. In short, no. Just the NPCs. The only playable character with ranged weapons is Katarina. She uses pistols and a rifle. thanks for the reply the disk is now broke, i have no intrest in this game. and im requesting it gets renamed for this is not a DUNGEON SIEGE title.
  12. Simple topic, simple answers Are there any?
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