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  1. I personally can live with most of the flaws already pointed out (camera, controls, mouse) no problem I will get used to it and take it "as it" I don't feel it's great but I'm not gonna "hate" that game by those. That being said there is one issue that probably can't be solved by a patch and it's the reason I won't bother buying this game. I'm talking bout re-playability, in ds3 we've got almost none... I mean lvl30 character that can finish the game once? Sure I can play with other characters even if I don't like them just to get something more from the game but it's not what I would expect,
  2. the armour did change on every character but still there are just 3 types of items +unique stuff
  3. 1. ok I've played a demo couple of times and I've noticed that there were those yellow light points that were disabled in the demo so I thought I can teleport between them is that what you're talking about? 7. I've seen on some trailers that for example the flaming sword was generating it's own light that was reflected on the character itself and the enviroment as well but I don't see it...
  4. 9. How does leveling up work? I didn't really see any skip button and the level up somehow show up automatically and when it does (just as I level up) I needed to spend points, I can't leave them stacked and choose couple of higher level skills once I'm able to...
  5. 2. so what should I do with my character after I finish the game? it just ends? that's it? 4. I suppose it's quite low level... how do you feel about skills? I felt like there is just not enough variety of them and every character will ultimately end up with all of them (well... they probably might be empowered in different way but still I feel like having max 6? slots for empower is again a low number). 8. So how does the multiplayer coop work?
  6. 1. Do I really need to run from place to place? Where are the teleports/waypoints system? 2. Does the areas stays the same with new game? I mean diablo1 got randomly generated areas... will I play the same corridors over and over again? 3. Speaking of corridors does the game have any open spaces or i'm going to get claustrophobia? 4. What is the max level of a character? Skills feels quite limited (like 9?), is there a reason to play the game again on higher difficulty with the same character or is it even possible? 5. Where is dual wield? 6. What about helmets? Why do I need to watch cha
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