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  1. ty for your answer. What about helmets? All items have an associated model with them. Not every character has a helmet slot (e.g. Lucas doesn't), but the ones who do will have the model change based on the tier and some other factors (some uniques have special appearances, for instance). A heavily armored frontline warrior who doesn't have helmets? Then it's either that: a: He is some sort of authority figure with a personality b: He lost his hat In any case it is stupid for a warrior not be fully armored. Not every headgear conceals face so much. You obviously haven't played gears of war.
  2. Excellent. I don't understand German, but that looked pretty awesome.
  3. Good to know. And like I said above, I had my gripes but I still enjoyed it (read: buying). I feel bad; you guys are getting ****ing hammered in here.
  4. There are more than just those 3 attribute bonuses on items. For instance, I found a helmet last night that I think had 5 different attribute bonuses, including some pretty enigmatic ones, like "momentum" and (i think) "retribution".
  5. Well that's good to know. I didn't encounter this in the demo (despite getting an "orange" level spear), but I'll take your word for it. And like I said initially, I still enjoyed it despite my gripes, and I'm definitely picking it up on day one. That was just my constructive criticism.
  6. I played through the whole demo (360). While I enjoyed it more than a lot of people seem to have on this board, two pretty glaring issues stood out. 1. Combat. I was really disappointed in the combat physics, the melee attacks in particular. Combat felt like I was swatting at air, and there's no feedback or cue to tell me if I hit anyone. This is especially the case when you hit someone and it doesn't cause enough damage to change the color of their ring animation. You swing through them like you're striking out in baseball. That kind of sucks- it makes combat feel really off. Also, this "swatting" issue isn't the case with the ranged attacks- those attacks visually "hit" enemies (even though the hit animation is far too understated for whatever reason). So why can't the melee attacks do the same? 2. Loot. I noticed that, even after carefully equipping all this cool loot I was getting, my character looked the same, my attacks looked the same, and my weapons looked the same. That was a bummer. So I guess when I get the Level 30 super epic "spear of holy-sh*tballs-you're-all-so-dead-now", it's going to look like the stock weapon I got at the outset of the game? That's like ARPG 101, guys: when you loot the cool sword/spear, you're supposed to be able to see your guy swinging the cool sword/spear.
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