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  1. my language is already set to English US and getting the error ... so it doesnt fix anything for me XD
  2. First Duke Nukem Forever with the demo and now this ... its like they dont give a dam about ATI cards anymore XD People have even the most recent cards "best ones" and they still have problems with the game ... Please find a fix for it or something ... Just look at this steam thread ... http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/show...d.php?t=1920471
  3. i will try the demo , but i expected too much from the game and now i feel disappointed ...
  4. And what makes me consider if i should buy it or not ... no replayability and the multiplayer is kinda not so much fun from one perspective ... Playing with friends and beeing happy that we get some nice loot together ... instead only the one that hosts gets everything . Pretty much took out everything that was fun in the other first two games and made it boring .
  5. Is it possible to replay the game with the same character after you finished the game , in case i want to farm for better gear .
  6. Awww .... that was one of the things that made the game fun and also had more things to do not just killing for loot >.< il wait for the pc demo and see how the gameplay is .
  7. Thanks for the reply ... now if only a MOD would answer with a more detailed information ...
  8. I just want to know if there will be anything like it , just like in dungeon siege 2 . I saw gameplay videos today of the XBOX demo and i only saw 3 main options on the items . Agility , Will and Attack ... Can we enchant the weapons and armors to put more options on it ?
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