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  1. I am still getting some random hitches and it has annoyed me enough that I think I will just wait for a patch. The hitches have nothing to do with the game being demanding as I am playing at 1440p and gpu usage on my 1080 ti is no where near maxed out when they occur.
  2. that garbage is not even remotely close to meeting minimum requirements for this or any other halfway modern game. your cpu is too slow and the 240 is literally only on par with 6 year old integrated Intel graphics. even if the game supports dual graphics, the measly graphics cores on your APU will not help enough to even matter.
  3. The game is not smooth looking at all when panning around in full screen. In borderless window it's almost perfectly smooth panning around with the controller but even then there's a tiny bit of Jitter with the mouse. And I'm getting quite a few frame drops and lots of random hitches with a 9900 K and 1080ti at 1440p. I tried running the game with no frame rate limiter and it actually froze completely up one time.
  4. I think anyone saying this game runs fine the whole time is oblivious at best. I have seen NUMEROUS hitches and stutters and the newest drivers made zero difference. My hardware has nothing to with it either as it is not even close to be fully taxed at 1440p with a 1080 ti.
  5. so how can I tell if the patched installed properly since I don't see version listed anywhere when I start the game? EDIT: checked in the \steam\steamapps\common\alpha protocol\Binaries\APGame.exe and it says so i guess it worked.
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